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Jessica told him that she of course does; Justin told her that then it’s going to be okay before kissing her and leaving. It was inevitable that the last season will also show death, and we saw friends at a funeral, but nobody could have possibly thought that it’s going to be Justin’s funeral. Justin reassured he doesn’t have to worry about it if he didn’t kill Bryce. As they were arguing, Zach told them that this did not need to happen. Hannah s'est également sentie coupable de ne pas avoir réagi. Justin asked her if she’d come see him at the game, but Jessica questioned why he always wanted to talk and continued kissing him. Clay and Ani informed Justin and Zach about Bryce’s death at school; Justin ran out of the gym and was followed by Clay. [32], Jessica trying to push Justin out of the classroom in "Tape 5, Side A", At school, Jessica brought vodka and Justin asked her since when she drinks that. At Liberty High, the students wre in for a surprise. Amber seemed happy to have him back. I think I literally raced to [showrunner] Brian [Yorkey] right after the first table read and was like, "It's Justin isn't it?" Justin told Clay that he can't mess with them and took Clay's bike with him. Clay was given a gun by Tyler, the last gun he had left; Justin told Clay that he’d get rid of it. Justin asked Alex if Clay told him this, to which Alex told him Clay didn’t but he did know he was using. Blue For a lot of actors, dying is one of the easiest things they'll have to do, but it felt like you were handed yet another challenge with those final hospital scenes. He lied to Justin about Jessica’s reaction to him being back, saying it was positive. Zach asked advice about having sex as he and Hannah wanted to lose their virginities to each other. Justin told her that nothing has to happen and he loves her. to which Justin simply allows him to enter the bedroom. [5], Justin and Jessica discussed what Clay was doing and going to do while listening to the tapes. Justin texted and called Hannah when she was at home, and they decided to meet up at the Eisenhower Park. Zach was hanging out at Bryce’s pool house along with Bryce, Jessica, Monty and some other friends when Justin and Alex arrived.

Jessica was confused as to all the things he was saying and wanted to know what’s going on with him. Justin asked when he’s going to quit; Alex returned the question and told him that Jessica deserves the truth. Matt finding Justin in Clay's bedroom in "The Smile at the End of the Dock", After finding Justin on the streets, Clay hid him in his room from Matt and Lainie as Justin didn't have a place to stay and Clay wanted him to testify.

Justin told her “So…”, seemingly meaning to say that he can still love her besides her actions as she can still love him besides his actions. Here’s Why, Peaky Blinders Season 6: Latest Updates On Its Netflix Arrival, Riverdale Star Shaded By Writers After He Said The Storyline Is Dissatisfactory, Anne With An E: Season 4? Justin approached Clay at the Robotics Club stand. Jessica was trying to hold back tears as Justin left.[20]. In a room at school, Jessica gave Justin the tape that Bryce had given her right before his death. As is usual with the franchise, one big name dies throughout the course of the episodes and season four was no different. He sarcastically said “That’s great. Like no one trusts me. Homme Bleus Justin confirmed this as he came standing next to them and Alex questioned him on the movie. He then revealed that he hasn’t stayed clean, and asked for help. Zach and Marcus went to Bryce’s house because they guessed that Justin was there. Hannah a parlé de la fête où elle et Clay se sont embrassés. When Jessica started sitting on Bryce’s lap and threw cards at Justin, Justin got mad and dragged Jessica outside while telling her that he doesn't ever want her to be at Bryce's house again.

Later, Clay tells Dr. Ellman that he didn’t want to die in that moment. They were stopped by a cop, who turned out to be Alex's dad. Chez Monet's Justin s'inquiète que la police remonte jusqu'au printemps le soir ou Clay a menacé d'abattre Bryce. Clay said that Jessica does want him here, she just doesn’t realize it yet and will change her mind. After Bryce’s body was found, Seth sent Justin a text saying “I’m coming for you next”. Justin convinced Tony to let him go outside, where Tony implied to Justin that Jessica didn’t want him back. Jessica called him the best boyfriend ever as they recalled him winning a bear for her she had named “Little Justin”. Alex slowed down when a police car showed up; it was revealed to be his dad. Winston shows up to talk to Alex at Monet’s after the funeral. This is a deadly disease, but there is ample scope for recovery. When Bryce sends the photo of Hannah around the school he does try to stop him, although he laughs it off and does nothing to help Hannah escape the humiliation she suffered as a result of the photo. After having a conversation about Mrs. Baker, Clay asked Jessica if she could tell Justin he’ll be home late. Jessica disagreed, as she’s supposed to be living her truth and her truth is that she loves his “lame ass”. The disease in his lungs has advanced, as well as the neurological symptoms. 13 Reasons Why is now available to stream on Netflix. Dans la maison, les Jensen suggère aux garçons de rester à la maison, Clay refuse et s'en prend à Justin qui refuse de le laisser seul. Jessica pointed out that it was fine as they were public now, but Justin accused her of making a show out of it. Justin threatening Bryce in "The Good Person is Indistinguishable from the Bad". Last Appearance Jessica accused him of not telling her something, and Justin asked her "What would I not be telling you?". He lied and told Clay that the reason he was struggling was because he was nervous. Justin Prentice is an American actor originally from Tennesse. Her Mom told her that she knows she had high expectations of Justin, but he’s a troubled kid. En rentrant en ville, Bryce vient le chercher et lui donne de nouveaux cachets, en rentrant chez les Jensen, Justin regarde Clay dormir avec tristesse et s'effondre en larme dans la cuisine. Justin is put on a ventilator, and the doctor says he may never be able to breathe without it again. [11], Mr. Porter asking Amber for Justin in "The Chalk Machine", Mr. Porter went to Amber’s house to ask about Justin’s whereabouts. Clay, Justin and Jessica sat on the couch and talked about how life isn’t supposed to be easy and how they deserve some happiness. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. After Kat moves away, Hannah and Justin spark an interest with each other. Le soir, Justin avoue à Clay qu'il se sent heureux d'être en vie. They smiled at each other, and Hannah mentioned it all starting with “that damn smile”. Justin raconte à Zach que Bryce à disparu. Clay refuse et lui redonne la drogue en lui jurant qu'il serait prêt à tout pour lui, Justin lui fait la même promesse. La Remise des Diplômes. Justin laughed and told Zach that he was crushing him. While waiting for Clay, Justin lied to Matt and Lainie that he was the one that broke in after accidentally getting locked out. Justin revealed that Jessica allowed him to testify about her rape, but Clay didn’t believe him. Doubt spread over the group, the question being, can they trust Tyler? I can't stop. When Ani and Jessica were talking about Clay, Ani asked Jessica if she knew if Clay went home with Justin on homecoming night. At graduation, a number of familiar faces return. Tony’s dad finds out about the college offer and wants him to go. Justin, despite his mistakes, is shown to care about those he loves. Ani, always so encouraging, tells Jessica that she’s strong. They became much closer and Clay's parents decided to adopt Justin, making them brothers. Clay asked. Justin considère Clay comme l'influence positive dans sa vie. Au lycée, Justin remarque le comportement étrange d'Alex et découvre qu'il prend des stéroïdes, il confie la trousse à Clay et Ani.
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There's something to be said for killing a beloved character, simply in terms of the effect it has. This rumor that she is a 'slut' continues throughout all 13 episodes and is the very start of the downfall of Hannah Baker. Justin se met en colère et veut partir quand Clay lui dit qu'ils pourraient le désintoxiquer. Lorsque Clay et Tony trouvent Justin, il est assez irritant et particulièrement envers Clay. I kind of knew when he texted me about dinner, and sure enough, we sat at the table and he's like, "We're gonna put Justin to rest." Justin had to write about a positive influence in his life, and he wrote about Clay. Pneumonie et méningite causées par le virus du SIDA

Justin eventually got released on the day of Hannah’s funeral; Clay and Justin talked at Monet’s where Hannah’s memorial was taking place. Ani told her that’s her business and no one has to know. Jessica explained that Justin told her he has cheated, which she doesn’t believe, and that he’s better off without her, which she doesn’t get. Mr. and Mrs. Jensen confronted Clay about not telling them that Justin was a drug addict, which led to a huge argument between the family and to Justin leaving. Justin was sentenced to six months probation for being an accessory to sexual assault. [35], Jessica breaking up with Justin in "Tape 7, Side A", Clay holding Justin's postcard to Jessica in "The Drunk Slut". Seth is the abusive boyfriend of Justin’s mother. When Jessica was hanging out with Alex, they kissed and she freaked out.

Il se rend ensuite avec Clay chez la mère de Bryce ou il vole la montre de ce dernier pour Seth. 4.3m Followers, 58 Following, 287 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 13 Reasons Why (@13reasonswhy) Néanmoins il est montré que Justin se soucie vraiment de Clay et refuse qu'il aille en prison, il tente de créer un alibi pour lui et Clay sans succès. Clay later found out that Justin still had the gun in their room, but Justin told him that he got it. Il fait venir Sheri, Alex et Tony pour l'aider à le sevrer. Lainie stated that it’s very important to show that they’re providing Justin with a happy and healthy home environment. Justin admitted everything to Clay, who then gave him his own Oxy prescription, saying he would do anything for him.[20]. During the bus ride, the football coaches announced that everyone would get drug tested, which worried Justin as he had been using. This angered Clay and he got up and stormed off. Matt looked shocked at his reveal, but Lainie was calm and told him that she promises to get him all the help he needs, after which Justin smiled at her.[23]. He replies, “You’re out of your mind.

Plus tard, Justin se rend au Cresmont parler avec Jessica et s'effondre en mentionnant Bryce.

En retenu, il voit Clay partir. Clay et Tony le ramène chez Clay.

Justin responded that they would until Tyler gets better, but Jessica pointed out that he would never get better. Bryce also started giving Justin his Oxy prescription to get him to stay away from heroin. Save up to £497* a year -Compare Lots of Deals - Switch in Minutes. Zach commented “Or what, Justin? A few weeks after Bryce transferred to Hillcrest High School, he texted Justin to meet up to talk about Jessica. After Justin returned from rehab, Clay asked him if he had talked about Bryce. They kissed and Jessica complimented him, which made Justin wend his head and look disappointed. Already have an account with us? When Clay woke up, Justin talked with him about how it’s going to be a bad day as he’ll return to school for the first time after months. This angered Justin and made him want to leave.


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