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Unlike a Welcome to Country, an Acknowledgment usually involves a speech. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.'. This is a tradition that has been practiced in Aboriginal culture for thousands of years. Do ask for feedback or correction, though, if you are unsure if you have got the pronunciation or any other aspect of the Acknowledgement of Country right. We should recognise this as an effect of dispossession, which has meant people have been dislocated from their land and may have returned to an area where they are not accepted as traditional custodians by some. The Mabo case inspired many organisations, councils and services to begin raising the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags alongside the Australian flag as well as researching whose country they were actually situated on. An Acknowledgment of Country should occur before any general meeting or event such as a work meeting, school assembly or music gig. Giving an Acknowledgment of Country at your workplace, school, organisation or performance doesn’t truly mean much unless you’re actively assisting and fighting for the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Your information is handled in accordance with the, Tasmanian Aboriginal language for future generations, 'Language is connected to all things': Why reviving Indigenous languages is so important, 'Do you live in a hut? Richmond will recognise and pay its respects to the traditional owners of the land it plays on, with a Welcome to Country video to be played before all of the team’s home games at the @MCG –, — Richmond FC ???? Should be the first item on the agenda. Acknowledgement of Country Stella Maris College would like to acknowledge the Aboriginal peoples who were the traditional custodians of the land on which the College is built; those people who called the wetlands of Manly Lagoon their home. An Acknowledgement of Country can be said by anyone, Indigenous or non-Indigenous. "The government acknowledges that there is a connection between the Traditional owners and the land itself, which allows the Traditional Owners to have a place at the table and to make decisions about their country.". <> Know when to do it It can be performed by any person as a way to show respect for Aboriginal peoples, cultures and heritage and the ongoing relationship the traditional custodians have with the land. A Welcome is typically given by an Elder or leader from the Traditional Custodians whose land you are on, however, with permission, other members can give a welcome on their behalf. Acknowledgement of Country We acknowledge that this course was developed on the land of the Gadigal Peoples of the Eora nation. There are significant differences between a Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Country. Cissy is a part of the Balanggarra/Jaru/Gija nation in the East Kimberley. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders continue to experience exclusion, discrimination and oppression, and have since the invasion of this country. %PDF-1.5 Other terms that are acceptable include 'First Nations people' or 'First Peoples'. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have experienced significant exclusion from Australian society since colonisation. While these guidelines generally use the term, 'Aboriginal people', we are referring to both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. I would like to pay my respect and acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we gather. It is recommended to learn about the importance of the traditional protocol before giving an Acknowledgement. At the start of a meeting or function, the chair or speaker begins by acknowledging that the meeting is taking place on the Country of the traditional custodians. If granted, a ceremony would take place to grant the travellers safe passage while on their land. Aboriginal Heritage Office. A Welcome to Country is done by a Traditional Owner, custodian, or Elder on behalf of a nation or group. Ceremonies and protocols are a fundamental part of Aboriginal cultures. The name Warringah is Aboriginal in origin. In the Sutherland Shire, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia we would like to acknowledge the tradition owners the Dharawal people and pay respects to Elders past and present. Â. An Acknowledgement of Country is a statement of recognition of the traditional owners of the land. It can be given by both non-Indigenous people and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Speaking palawa kani makes Skye feel connected to nan and proud that she's keeping her Tasmanian Aboriginal culture strong. Today, it’s more common than not to see someone give an Acknowledgement of Country at the beginning of formal events and meetings, and even in some informal situations such as local sports matches. 2 0 obj • Seeking permission to perform the Acknowledgment • Acknowledging the local Aboriginal people/s What is a Welcome to Country/Acknowledgement A ‘Welcome to Country’ (WTC) is done as a sign of respect for the traditional owners of the Land, and to give recognition to our elders both past and present. endobj Acknowledgement of Country: Your Go-To Guide, It signifies the Traditional Custodians inviting you onto their land and granting you safe passage. Welcomes and Acknowledgements bring awareness to First Nation people being the custodians of the land. For example, in the CBD of Sydney, the Traditional Owners are the Gadigal people, of the Eora nation. Operating an early childhood education service, What's happening in the early childhood education sector, Selective high schools and opportunity classes, Attendance matters – resources for schools, Acknowledgement of and Welcome to Country, local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group, guidelines and protocols for NSW public schools (PDF 487.76KB), Secretary Mark Scott officially launches the Reconciliation Action Plan, Mark Scott and Jason Ardler discuss the 2018 Reconciliation Action Plan, Narragunnawali – reconciliation in education, Celebrating National Reconciliation Week 2019. An Acknowledgement of Country is an opportunity for anyone to show respect for Traditional Owners and the continuing connection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to Country. Who this is, and what the ceremony is, will depend the location of the event and the practice of the community. Gamaragal – Aboriginal People of Manly and Northern Sydney 6 September 2013 – 20 April 2014 Manly Art Gallery & Museum. We acknowledge their living culture and their unique role in the life of the region. In cases where it’s a major event, forum or function, or if the event has an impact on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community specifically, then a welcome should also be included alongside an acknowledgment from each speaker. We gather on Country on which members and Elders of the local Indigenous community and their forebears have been custodians for many centuries and on which Aboriginal people have performed age-old ceremonies of celebration, initiation and renewal. By researching and writing an Acknowledgment as a non-Indigenous Australian, you’re teaching yourself more about the true history of the Country you are on. NSW Public School teachers prompted the development of the Federation’s ‘Welcome to Country / Acknowledgement of Country’ information brochure. Use this link to the AIATSIS map to find the custodians of the land are where you live. The practice of acknowledging Country has also developed as our traditions have adapted to modern times. Marcia Langton's guide to Indigenous Australia explores how visitors might best travel through diverse cultures and sacred lands. Welcomes are also performed by Traditional owners that elders have given permission to. He uses this simple explanation with kids: "A Welcome to Country is like if you're hosting a birthday: you do a welcome and say thank you for coming to my birthday. Scott has been a presenter with Ask Me Anything, a community organisation that promotes understanding and inclusion through conversation. An acknowledgement can be made by anybody - Indigenous or non-Indigenous. endobj While you might be used to giving or hearing an Acknowledgement at the beginning of a meeting, event or something formal, Cissy sees it as an important part of her personal life as well. Information about NSW public education, including the school finder, high school enrolment, school safety, selective schools and opportunity classes. An ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ is an opportunity to acknowledge and pay respect to First Nations people. We celebrate the First Peoples' unique cultural and spiritual relationship to Country and acknowledge the significance of Aboriginal cultures in Australia. I also acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the various lands on which you all work today and pay respect to Elders past and present & emerging and extend that respect to other Aboriginal people [or 'other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people'] joining us today. says Cissy Gore-Birch. News and updates for the dreamers, the doers, the thinkers, the makers and the innovators. In cases where it’s a major event, forum or function, or if the event has an impact on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community specifically, then a welcome should also be included alongside an acknowledgment from each speaker. An Acknowledgement of Country is an opportunity for anyone to show respect for Traditional Owners and the continuing connection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to Country. It's an opportunity to introduce yourself and to show the respect you have for the country, the people and water you're on. Wash your hands, cover your cough and stay home if you’re sick. An Acknowledgment of Country should occur before any general meeting or event such as a work meeting, school assembly or music gig. One of our aims is to promote greater understanding of and respect for Aboriginal people and cultures in our workplaces, our schools, and in the wider community. Acknowledgement of Country Guidelines for Online Meetings and Learning An Acknowledgments is an obligation to respect the people's land and water you are on. Get the latest COVID-19 advice. "And an Acknowledge of Country is like if you're a guest at the birthday: you would say thank you for having me.". It’s a bit harder to know with acknowledgments as we don’t have an exact date for when they began, but it did become more common around the time of the Mabo case, due to the acknowledgment of land rights and native title. He tells me a Welcome is more of an obligation — it's to protect your guest physically and in a spiritual sense as well. <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 594.96 842.04] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> "It needs to be earnest, more than anything else.". Acknowledging Country can become tokenistic very quickly if their meaning and purpose isn’t understood and respected. Invite them into any proposal for participation from the outset and talk together to decide the format of the ceremony, who should be invited, who should perform the Welcome to Country and how that person (or persons) will be recognised and/or remunerated for their time and commitment. The entities receiving your information from us in those countries may not be bound by Australian Privacy Laws. Oops! A Welcome to Country may consist of a single speech - in language or in English - or it may include a performance such as a smoking ceremony, a traditional song and/or dance, playing of the didjeridoo or a combination of these. We acknowledge the homelands of all Aboriginal people and pay our respect to Country. The traditional custodians of the land, usually senior representatives of the local Aboriginal community - recognised Elders - should undertake the Welcome to Country ceremony. It signifies the Traditional Custodians inviting you onto their land and granting you safe passage. Observing Aboriginal protocol may include allowing time for customary decision-making and discussion among the traditional custodians. I acknowledge that I am hosting/recording this meeting/webinar from the lands of the [insert name] people.


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