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(Category theory is in some sense exactly the theory of glue code. My fork of the go downloader gist has the most recent list, a script that generates data.txt from the markdown, and a couple other minor fixes. @mrrob941 Thank you very much. Pretty pretty please could you send a link or a copy of Applications of Lie Groups to Differential Equations to ? Lot appreciated. h.c. Manuel Cardona, Electroweak and Strong Interactions, An Introduction to Theoretical Particle Physics, Professor Dr. F. Scheck, Clusters and Small Particles, Boris M. Smirnov, "Coherent States, Wavelets and Their Generalizations", Syed Twareque Ali Jean-Pierre Antoine Jean-Pierre Gazeau, Conformal Field Theory, Philippe Di Francesco Pierre Mathieu David Senechal, Electronic States and Optical Transitions in Semiconductor Heterostructures, Fedor T. Vasko Alex V. Kuznetsov, Elementary Lectures in Statistical Mechanics, George D. J. Phillies, "Geometry, Particles, and Fields", Bjorn Felsager, High Temperature Superconductivity, Jeffrey W. Lynn, Interacting Electrons and Quantum Magnetism, Assa Auerbach, Introduction to Statistical Physics, Silvio R. A. Salinas, Introduction to Superstrings, Michio Kaku, Introduction to Superstrings and M-Theory, Michio Kaku, Laser Cooling and Trapping, Harold J. Metcalf Peter van der Straten, Mesoscopic Physics of Complex Materials, T. S. Chow, Multiple Scattering in Solids, Antonios Gonis William H. Butler, Neutrinos, Professor Dr. Hans Volker Klapdor, Nuclei in the Cosmos, Professor Dr. Heinz Oberhummer, Physics of Atoms and Ions, Boris M. Smirnov, Physics of Critical Fluctuations, Yuli M. Ivanchenko Alexander A. Lisyansky, Quantum Mechanics: Fundamentals, Kurt Gottfried Tung-Mow Yan, Quantum Theory of Many-Body Systems, Alexandre M. Zagoskin, "Strings, Conformal Fields, and M-Theory", Michio Kaku, "Strings, Conformal Fields, and Topology", Michio Kaku, Superconductor Electronics, Professor Dr. Ing. We plan to discuss Munchausen numbers[4] next. I think that the writer has chosen not to bother with styling all to much until the content is set in stone, which is smart. Please Share Undergraduate Text Math.... There's a decent series of "Math for programmers"[1] on YouTube from FreeCodeCamp that covers the basics of discrete math. It basically documented author's attempts to query few datasets for cliques, using Mathematica. thanks for the info and thanks for the curl scripts! Okay, looks like four parts suffice for LNM: In a simple way using very small script files. there's also Intro to mathematical thinking: MCS - Mathematics for Computer Science - is one. Thanks! Cheers. "Programming with Categories" [0] is probably the best resource to start, the course notes are great and the videos are easy to follow. It seems @DavidMichaelRoberts was right :(. What I want is their latex/pdf setup. This is equivalent to subtracting 56 from 40, and the signed integer -56 is represented in the exact same way as the unsigned integer 200. Enough to build your intuition at least, and then start learning category theory from there. Can't have 3D video games without it, can't do large parts of machine learning and statistics without it, etc etc. Can any human being read all these books?


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