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Larry Kaufman presents a completely new White repertoire with 1.e4 aiming for an objective advantage in the simplest practical manner.

Torrent Contents. h�b```�rf�~�g`e`c`a�X � ���*��<>����H�s�nD��������[l7��]8���A��֥�A����E}�� �/ȴ`�Q�I,+d.y�$�x �y�q\�x�dR���N�`F�e�!�I�.G. Many of the games, and most of the analysis, for the White book are from 2019.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. What are the typical plans for Black and White and which moves and piece configuration fit into that plan?

In this book, prolific chess author Cyrus Lakdawala recommends a repertoire for White players who like to open 1.e4.

I was curious to see how the recommendation in the Keep It Simple 1.e4 book compares to what was played in the World Chess Championship match. It is something players of all styles will enjoy due to the countless possibilities 1...e5 provides. 126 0 obj <>stream Black strives to unbalance the position by creating new problems for White from move two, giving himself every opportunity to … �X`Ӡ��P@A�Pl+�FA���0��0B#�8���E��I�H��&8��0�\�I�P)�>%�w�iW����!� The Sign in the Smoke pdf download OS X Support Essentials 10.11 - Apple Pro Training Series pdf. Beating 1e4 e5 - A repertoire for White in the Open Games [Everyman 2010] - Emms John . 1...e5: Theory (12.45 avg depth), 3 x 5.

Larry Kaufman presents a completely new White repertoire with 1.e4 aiming for an objective advantage in the simplest practical manner. French players often have more experience in these struc-tures than their opponents do. e4 is a technology company offering custom, leading edge, trusted electronic solutions and services like software, development, and business automation and intelligence solutions. Proudly created with Wix.com, Beating 1e4 E5: A Repertoire For White In The Open Games By John Emms.pdf. hޤU�n�:}�lQt�e}��P M���$���bEh��s��v���/%;��d�%�����CR�A���!�!�2 ���r�"W It must be possible to find your way if you forget your lines. GM Fabiano Caruana chose in his match with WC Magnus Carlsen 3 times the Rossolimo-variation. GM Repertoire - 1.e4 vs The French, etc. The second volume will complete the repertoire by meeting the Sicilian and French.

Yuriy Krykun - A Complete Repertoire for Black after 1.e4-e5! The Black repertoire has been thoroughly revised and updated, and three new chapters have been added. It is something players of all styles will enjoy due to the countless possibilities 1...e5 provides.

Follow the instructions below to get starting, or head straight over to our editing tools (trust us, it’s easy to use). 1 e4 e6 White has a range of options against the French, but many of the positions reached are quite unique (especially those from the Winawer, 1 e4 e6 2 d4 d5 3 Ìc3 Íb4). 1...e5: Annotated games (35.71 avg depth), 277 x 4. So if we ‘let the figures do the talking’ and consider the number of raving reviews and the popularity of IM Sielicki as a Youtube broadcaster then there can only be one recommendation: buy Keep It Simple 1.e4! 107 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<1212F4FB0B85FBE3553AE2F770BA8516>]/Index[86 41]/Info 85 0 R/Length 99/Prev 219207/Root 87 0 R/Size 127/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream For this level I would recommend the books of e.g. This store only ships to the United States, Canada or Mexico.

This book is based on the Chessable course by IM Sielecki that was released in March 2018. IM Sielecki is very experienced in video chess instruction. Click ‘Add shape’ and choose the square icon. The repertoire is based around two main themes: The suggested variations for White are ones that rely far more on a generic understanding of strategic ideas rather than the memorisation of reams of opening theory.

Readers will have to be strong enough—say 2000 and above—to get maximum value from the book. John Emms. 0 ���,@�� �ć2i �2 French (1...e6): Introduction (6.00 avg depth), 10 x 6. On Chessable you can also buy an additional 18 hours of video in which IM Sielicki explains in detail all the variations. Official endorsement equals paid endorsement following validation, 2 x 1. It is repertoire that represents our game as a whole.

endstream endobj startxref Teaser [PDF] - Yuriy Krykun - A Complete Repertoire for Black after 1.e4-e5! John Emms - Beating 1e4 e5 - Update 1.cbv 15 KB; John Emms - Beating 1e4, © 2023 by Hair & There. Fabiano Caruana chose for Nbd2 instead of bxc5. Here you can download free beating 1e4 e5 shared files found in our database: Beating 1e4 e5 A repertoire for White in the Open Games [Everyman 2010] John Emms.7z from mediafire.com host Author: Jude Acers Publisher: Trafford Publishing ISBN: 1553696042 Size: 47.20 MB Format: PDF View: 1212 Get Books.

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endstream endobj startxref �J��$�u`#Ԟ�"J�_���ԡ}����3|���| �:��{P\�Q���lg��0��$}��_]�Q�����R!���ߐ�*���:Y�WW ���>���*Ϟ��9��Oc��P+m}�fy�l�R� ��� �������[il�c��c+�k��s��Al�W���p�C�Rp�R�+@���z�!Z���3�ఇ��I�0P�w����[�m+���o��{�����{��8��E���˥�u����q���N����9��5�����>�6�b/"��`. (�UY�c!�.��%r C��S#����_�dj�4Nʹ��'c{r�$���N\[q�MCJ���Mǣ�\�(�Ũ>�+�X�����I�&� Chessable’s slogan is ‘bringing books to life’ by taking classic print books and turning them into fully interactive spaced repetition courses. Larry Kaufman, who himself routinely plays the lines he advocates to others, discovered that after 1.d4 (the recommendation in his previous book) it became nearly impossible to show a consistent advantage for White, especially against the Grünfeld and Nimzo/Ragozin defenses. The Rest: Theory (8.94 avg depth), Learn Chess the Right Way - Book 2: Winning Material, Sales tax will be calculated during checkout where applicable. John Emms - Beating 1 e4 e5 . . The work includes all possible transitions and provides you with a complete white repertoire for 1.e4 e5. Currently there are almost 1200 students which makes the course one of the most popular courses on Chessable.

The other factor was that chess engines have become so much stronger. - 280 pages - ISBN 9789492510846. Many players rated 1500-1900 might look at the final position of a variation and ask themselves: ‘And where do I go from here?’. This first volume covers the Caro-Kann, 1...e5 and minor lines. endstream endobj 87 0 obj <><><>]/ON[109 0 R]/Order[]/RBGroups[]>>/OCGs[109 0 R]>>/Pages 80 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 88 0 obj <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/Properties<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> endobj 89 0 obj <>stream His recommendations are well-conceived, and I was impressed with how much Kaufman was able to stuff into these pages.


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