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This weird one comes from the Philippines. Share this list of Dirty Mean Names. He was imprisoned alongside Nelson Mandela and won a government position during his country’s first democratic election. Al Nino (El Nino) Her PhD dissertation was on uncommon black names in the classroom. People often give funny names to their pets. Will and Guy's Top Ten Favourite Names Which Fit The Job Perfectly, Good Jokes and Funny Short Stories and Tales. Dale E. Bread (Daily Bread) Willie Maykit (will he make it?) Sometimes parents don’t make the best choices. RELATED: Your baby will earn more money if they have this name. But this next individual’s parents seem to have gone for a two-for-one deal with their son, whom they named Batman bin Suparman. Sheeza Freak (she's a freak) Her older siblings didn’t fare much better – they’re named Spaghetti ‘88 and Macaroni ‘85. Normal Asian names can sound funny to an English speaker since the words mean something else entirely.

(function(d,id){if(d.getElementById(id)){return;}var s=d.createElement('script');s.async=true;s.defer=true;s.src="/ssjs/ldr.js";;d.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(s);})(document,'_ss_ldr_script'); -- Funny Gene Poole (Gene Pool) Carlotta Tendant (Car Lot Attendant) Jazzmyn). And others use puns or clever wordplay for humourous effect! Affairs in Washington, D.C. Lloyds/TSB

Don Thatt (Done That) Buster Cherry (Bust her Cherry)

Short and funny jokes for everyone! Midas Well (might as well...) var https_page=0 Len DeHande (lend a hand)

Candice B. Fureal (can this be for real) Dan Gleebitz (Dangly Bits)

You usually don’t find a number in someone’s name unless they’re royalty, like Elizabeth II or Louis XIV. var SS_PARAMS={pinterest_enabled:false,googleplus1_on_page:false,socializeit_onpage:false};.g-recaptcha{display:inline-block}.recaptcha_wrapper{text-align:center} Andy Structible (Indestructible) Some of the best names include: Orange You Glad We’re Friends, Lettuce Be Friends, Shady Beaches, and Hakuna Moscato.

Can you think of your own funny names? Amanda Hugnkiss (a man to hug and kiss) Our hand-picked list of hilarious jokes is guaranteed to make anyone laugh. Adam Meway (Out of My Way) (International Herald Tribune). Al Kaholic (Alcoholic) Footnote: If you know other funny name / job combinations like these please send them into us.

Fortunately, their love for each other prevailed. Bess Twishes (best wishes) Brighton Early (Bright and Early) Every parent believes their child is special and unique, and these parents just happened to give their kids names that reflect that uniqueness. Chi Spurger (Cheeseburger) Megan Bacon (makin' bacon) Carra S. Midown (Caress Me Down) I bought some shoes from a drug dealer. Bjorn Free (born free)

Dylan Weed (dealin' weed) Not someone you want on your superhero team. We suspect that one of Paige’s parents might be a bookworm. Instead, she was charged with “shooting an offensive missile into a vehicle”.

Jim Nasium (gymnasium) Freida Convict (Free the Convict) Huang Annsaw (wrong answer) Ed Venture (Adventure) Funny Names Bill Ding (Building) Two farthings made one half penny in old English money. a man with a tricky surname. Drew Peacock (Droopy Cock) in the Tires) , despite having been previously shot by a stun gun. Burnedette Down (burnt it down) First impressions count, and our name is a big part of the first impression we make when meeting new people. Carrie Oakey (Karaoke)

Despite her most unfortunate name, Crystal Metheny of Polk County, Florida, was not arrested on drug charges. Ben Crobbery (bank robbery) Eve Hill (Evil) was, in fact, primarily a batsman.

Eda Dick (Eat a dick) Izzy Cumming (is he coming) Chuck Roast (Hmmm...Chuck Roast?) Gladys Eeya (Glad to See Ya)

if(typeof recaptcha_callbackings!=="undefined"){SS_PARAMS.recaptcha_callbackings=recaptcha_callbackings||[]}; But put them together, and you have some ace wordplay. Bob Rock, Ann Chovie (Anchovy) Herbie Hind (her behind) Arrested 890 times and convicted 421, probably a record Ed Ible (Edible) Howe D. Pardner (howdy partner) var https_page=0 Igor Beaver (eager beaver) rock music producer, including Metallica and Bon Jovi. Ben O'Drill (Benadryl) Your baby will earn more money if they have this name. Barry Shmelly (very smelly) meant meek and mild natured in medieval times. var SS_PARAMS={pinterest_enabled:false,googleplus1_on_page:false,socializeit_onpage:false};.g-recaptcha{display:inline-block}.recaptcha_wrapper{text-align:center} Halfpenny. Joke Names, Phonetic Puns & Prank Names Joke Names to Avoid for a Baby. Name puns aren’t always inappropriate; sometimes they’re wholesome, like. Priti Manek (There is always one combination that Guy does not get, Ariel Hassle (A Real Hassle) var https_page=0 Amanda Hump. We have a homegrown entry on this list! Eileen Dover (I Leaned Over) We love Usain Colt because it’s cheeky, but it’s also a great name for a future champion racehorse. (Fact is always stranger than fiction, she was the daughter of Texas Governor James, Steven Hogg.) Clara Sabell (clear as a bell) Contrary to what you might expect from such a doubly heroic name, however, Batman bin Suparman was. Fletcher Bisceps (Flex Your Bisceps) Marcus Absent (mark us absent) first girl friend (age 5), Terry Bill - Will's friend from Portchester, England, Stan Still - stand Alpha Kenny Wun (I'll Fuck Anyone) Darrell B. Moore (there'll be more) Ben Lyon (Been lieing) Moe Telsiks (Motel Six) Mike Litoris). Anna Mull (Animal) Didi Reelydoit (did he really do it?) Abel N. Willan (Able and Willing) Achilles Punks (I'll Kill These Punks) Adam Bomb (Atom Bomb) Adam Meway (Out of My Way) Adam Sapple (Adam's Apple) Adolf Oliver Nippils (Ate Off All Of Her Nipples) Al B. Zienya (I'll Be Seeing You) Al DePantzeu (I'll De-Pants You) Al Gore-Rythim (Algorithym) Bill Leeake (Belly Ache) Barb E. Cue (Barbecue) Sometimes a name comes along that sounds like someone came up with it during a wild party. Faye Kinnitt (Faking It) Chad Terbocks (chatterbox) Betty Beatzer (Bet He Beats Her)

Dan Geruss (Dangerous) Below are

Some names are just rude or inappropriate. mean something interesting... still as in an Army Sergeant-Major: 'Stand still you 'orrible little man.'. Ellis Dee (L.S.D) Usain Bolt, Jamaican sprinter,

Zeke N. Yeshallfind (seek and you shall find)

Brice Tagg (Price Tag) if(typeof recaptcha_callbackings!=="undefined"){SS_PARAMS.recaptcha_callbackings=recaptcha_callbackings||[]}; Al DePantzeu (I'll De-Pants You) Fielder, baseball players. Bud Weiser (Budweiser) Tim Burr (timber) Emma Roids (Hemorrhoids) Bart Ender (Bartender) Cecil Fielder and his son Prince Speaking of criminals with funny real names, this next person seems to keep ending up on the wrong side of the law. Chris Ko (Crisco) Achilles Punks (I'll Kill These Punks)


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