gossip girl books vs show
The novels - from the magnificently-named Cecily von Ziegesar - are, somewhat predictably, much less clean-cut than their small screen namesake. Gossip Girl was based off her experience growing up in New York City back in the ’80s, but with a modern day spin. Does anyone know in what ways the TV show for gossip girl is like the books other than the charachters? This is shocking because any fan of the show will know they live in Brooklyn in the TV adaptation. The Humprhey girl was supposed to be shy and innocent, but the Jenny we saw on the show was almost the complete opposite. Like the events/parties, personalities, etc? For starters, the family didn’t live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In the show, the two are on-and-off-again during the whole series, and even end up getting married. Gossip Girl identity revealed in series finale, Is the girl every other girl wants to be, with a not entirely deserved 'wild' reputation, Is the girl every other girl wants to be, with a decidedly deserved 'wild' reputation, Returned after a year away at boarding school to see her brother, Returned after being kicked out of boarding school for choosing parties instead of studies, Has a free and single mother, plus institutionalised younger brother, Has both a mother and a father, plus older brother away at university, Rejects Chuck's advances with ease, before puking on a pavement, Is an absolute bitch - especially to "best friend" Serena, Is even more of a bitch - especially to "best friend" Serena, Is desperate to lose her virginity to Nate, Is desperate to lose her virginity to Nate and almost does, before he confesses to the one-night stand, Is the handsome boyfriend of Blair, who really loves Serena, Had a one-night stand with Serena after a school party, Parted Serena's "Red Sea" at his house one summer's day - twice, Is a loner who reads "morbid, existentialist poetry about the bitter fate of being human" and likes to "live on the edge", Wouldn't dream of putting anything untoward in his mouth, Has a cool, ex-rocker father named Rufus who loves his children to bits, Has an embarrassing, balding, ex-rocker father named Rufus who lashes out at his kids, Has an ex-girlfriend called Vanessa, who stirs up his relationship with Serena, Has a friend called Vanessa - a fellow outsider, with a shaven head - who stirs up his relationship with Serena, Is a serial womaniser - but with added gay tendencies, Is a polite young girl who struggles to get noticed, Struggles not to get noticed thanks to her "incredibly huge" boobs. “We wanted to have a better reason for Serena to come home from boarding school. Digital Spy participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Blake Lively shares Gossip Girl throwback photo, Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr expecting first child, You star Penn Badgley becomes first time father, Gossip Girl – what the cast could have looked like, Gossip Girl reboot filming will start soon, Gossip Girl reboot star shares character hint, Gossip Girl star struggles watching old episodes, Gossip Girl star on working with her husband, Gossip Girl boss says reboot will be more diverse, DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. In fact, on more than one occassion Serena takes him under her wing or works to protect him from the sometimes harsh life on the Upper East Side. In the books, Eric, Serena’s younger and gay brother is older than she is and also straight. Ziegesar wrote 11 books for the series, so Gossip Girl had a pretty strong following before it was even made into a show! Thankfully, Blair and Dan never date in the books, and Serena and Dan barely even date. The books followed the glamorous lives of teenagers living on the Upper East Side of NYC, who come from wealthy families, go to private schools and boarding schools, but also dealt the struggles they face in their friendships and relationships. Are you a Gossip Girl fan? Here are the 8 biggest differences between the Gossip Girl books and the show! In another shocking twist of events, because he’s older and not younger, Blair actually dates him briefly in the book series! However, I'm afraid that reading the books would ruin the TV show for me. Today I'm doing just that. “We felt that the vast majority of Americans, the difference between the Upper East Side and the Upper West Side was a little bit too subtle to try and grasp. He even dates Blair for a little bit. I feel like this small cast of characters slept with everyone else at some point or another… The show followed the initial romances of the books for at least the first season. Don't forget to scroll down to read previous entries you may have missed! Then there’s the iconic relationship between Chuck and Blair which does happen, but it doesn’t take place until much later in the book series and it doesn’t have nearly the same impact on Chuck as it did on the show. Queen B, S, Little J, and other iconic Gossip Girl characters have changed many aspiring Upper East Siders including me, and Gossip Girl has claimed the title of “my favorite show” for many. This is a far cry from the novel! Have you read the books? Many of them are made to look much “prettier” than they are in the novels. Are you a Gossip Girl fan? One of the most obvious differences between the books and the CW show can be found in the appearances of all the characters. However, in the books Chuck’s future is much more bleak. In fact, as if by magic, here's a table to clearly and comprehensively outline the major differences! Gossip Girl Series vs. After reading the books and watching the show, I am shocked by the number of major differences, and how they completely change the plot for the show. In the book, the Humphreys lived in the Upper West Side! Around this time last year I gave my first impressions of a new teen drama series, labelling its characters "wooden" and its plot "completely uninteresting". There are many more differences that will leave you shocked. In fact, this pretty much becomes the one backbone for… Here are 10 of the most obvious changes between the books & TV show. It gained a strong fan following that all started with a book series of the same name written by Cecily von Ziegesar. In the show, Lily is single and dates many men, including Chuck's dad and Dan's dad. In the book, Dan loses his virginity to Vanessa, but in the show, he loses it to Serena. In the book, she comes home just because she was partying all summer and missed the beginning of classes and gets kicked out. So there we have it. Most Gossip Girl fanatics have rewatched the show countless times and have memorized the script for each episode, word for word. Round 3: The Romances. (In my defence, the version of the pilot I saw was quite crappy and was subsequently "re-worked" before the series aired - but that's not for here). The books never outright declare Dan's sexual orientation, but he has … There are plenty of differences between the two, so if you haven't read the books, beware … There’s a lot of talk about college on the show, but it mainly focuses on the girls. “Our Vanessa is fairly different in terms of her presentation: She doesn’t have a shaved head — which I think die-hard fans of the book will probably be upset about — and she’s not really punk-rock, but she fulfills the same role in Dan’s life of being his long-time best friend. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Also, Rufus was supposed to be a balding, ex-rocker who has a tendency to lash out at his kids, but the dad we saw on the show was much cooler and had a full head of hair. However, there were a few let downs when fans finally got to see their favorite books up on the small-screen. Gossip Girl: 10 Changes Between The Books & TV Show. In the book series the Humphrey family was much, much different. Katherine is the Managing Editor for Health and Parenting, but she has a soft spot for entertainment. It probably makes more sense this way, since she is so spoiled! So much have I become hooked on the antics of our gang from the Upper East Side that I recently decided to delve deeper and read the books that provided the inspiration for the series. Comment. Gossip Girl was an incredibly successful CW show that ran for six seasons, receiving numerous awards and nominations along the way. I think that one's a book and one's a TV show — you have to write for the medium you are in. Are the events on the TV show based on the plot of the novels? Jenny Humphrey’s Chest. She is also slim. However, many of these Gossip Girl experts are unaware that the classic New York show was based on a book series written by Cecily Von Ziegesar. Here are the 8 biggest differences between the Gossip Girl books and the show! Gossip Girl is known for having the largest amount of crossovers when it comes to relationships between all of the cast members. When asked about this particular change, Savage said it all came down to what the general public could best understand and differentiate about New York geography. Share Share Tweet Email. Click the link below to add your comments to this entry. However, Jenny idolizes Serena and not Blair in the books. Firstly, she’s supposed to be much more original in her personality and appearance with a punk-rock style and a shaved head. Sophomore Emilie Conner says that “Gossip Girl didn’t seem that interesting at first, but once [she] started watching it with [her] mom, [she] was hooked and kept wanting more.”. Everyone loves the 'Gossip Girl' TV series, but did you read the books? So we talked about making them a downtown family, and then we were like, you know, the new downtown is Brooklyn, so we put them there,” she said. Serena’s lovable brother, Eric Van der Woodson, played by Connor Paolo is much younger than her in the television series. In fact, Serena’s parents are rarely mentioned in the books, but they are definitely still together. In the show, it is widely known that Dan is an aspiring writer. In the book, Vanessa is overweight and goth, with a shaved head. In Ziegesar’s writing, Jenny Humphrey is much different than how she appears on the show. Chuck also happens to be a side character in the books and does not possess any significance in the books. Queen B, S, Little J, and other iconic Gossip Girl characters have changed many aspiring Upper East Siders including me, and Gossip Girl has claimed the title of “my favorite show” for many. Bart eventually dies as well. The book isn’t like that — in fact some of the most drastic changes are that Blair doesn’t lose her virginity to Chuck, she loses it to Nate and so does Serena. In the book, Blair has a younger brother named Tyler. There are times in life where you need to stand up tall, swallow your pride and admit your mistakes. Does the TV show follow the books exactly? She loves binging shows on Netflix, reality TV is a guilty pleasure, and country music is her go-to playlist. In the show, Vanessa and Blair are enemies and it is rare to ever see them together. In the book, Blair loses her virginity to Nate. In the books Eric is her older brother who is away at Brown University the majority of the time. They surely aren't as popular as the hit show, but they're probably worth reading if you love the characters. Fast forward twelve months and I'm totally obsessed with Josh Schwartz's Gossip Girl, the finest in the genre since Josh Schwartz's The O.C. There’s also the fact that, in the books, Chuck is made out to be this egotistical womanizer who is only part of their group of friends because he has wealthy parents with connections to other ‘upper crusters.’ In the show, he’s actually a legitimate friend to Blair, Serena and Nate.


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