indycar deaths

He was pinned between the left front wheel and the wall and it took 20 minutes to get him out. MacDonald, badly burned, died two and a half hours later at the hospital, Two 17-year-old maintenance workers for the Speedway Golf Course, Jerome U. Albright and James P. Cross, were killed after being, Chuck Rodee spun on his second warm-up lap and backed the car into the wall exiting turn one. This article lists the people who have been fatally injured in American Championship car racing during testing, practice, qualifying, or races since 1916, categorized into drivers, riding mechanics, and non-participants. The back end came around, and the car crashed into the outside wall nearly head-on in a crash similar to, During one of the hottest runnings of the 500, Carl Scarborough expired from what was reported as. According to, Jerry Unser Jr. lost control coming out of turn four. On the second day of time trials, Jim Malloy was participating in the morning practice session.

Shields died on September 30, 1916, twenty-six days after his crash. Fatalities have also occurred in conjunction with the precursors to the 500 (which took place in 1909 and 1910), the Brickyard 400, Moto GP event, the Speedway's golf course, and during private testing. Many of these deaths occurred before the 2000s when IndyCar racing safety came to a head.

Joe Caccia lost control entering turn two, crashed through the outside wall, and hurtled 100 feet (30 m) down the embankment, crashing into a tree. As these deaths prove, that concern is absolutely reasonable. Vail died of a, On his second warm-up lap, Gordon Smiley's car began to, Jovy Marcelo's car snapped around at warmup speed and impacted on the right side entering turn one at 172 mph (277 km/h). Many of the fatal Indy car accidents at races that occured during the American Championship Car Racing since 1982 are listed here.
Jeffrey John Krosnoff (September 24, 1964 – July 14, 1996) was an American race car driver. They died at the scene. rookie dies after prerace collision", "IndyCar driver Justin Wilson in a coma after Pocono crash", "Bert Shields is badly hurt in Cincy auto race", "Succumbs to injuries sustained in auto race", "Youthful pilot averages over 100-mile speed", "Mechanic killed, driver injured at Indianapolis", "George Wade killed by auto on race track", The Nevada Daily Mail and The Evening Post, "Mechanic killed and driver hurt in Salem spill", "Spectator dies from injuries at auto race track", "Race fan dies, drivers hurt in auto crashes", "Spectator killed when hit by tire flying off track", "One track worker was critically injured and another broke...", "IRL: Preliminary Charlotte crash details outlined",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. At 9:47 a.m., after a lap of 192 mph (309 km/h), the car slammed the outside wall entering turn one. Hannon was killed instantly from a. Stubby Stubblefield's car rode over the wall in turn two, and flipped over, ejecting both him and his riding mechanic Leo Whitaker. Entering turn one, a car in front of Peter Kreis spun, followed by Kreis's car spinning, possibly due to his trying to avoid a collision. The car went over the outside wall backwards, tumbled, and hit a tree. ✝ indicates that the driver was killed in the same collision. The lists show "IndyCar" or "Champ Car" fatalities that occurred in events making up the National Championship, which has been held by the following sanctioning bodies: The National Championship, which was split from 1979 to 2007, has featured regular races, non-points paying (non-championship) rounds, competitions sanctioned by entities that did not stage the National Championship in the same year (such as the Automobile Club of America), and the AAA Big car meetings held in the 1946 season. He suffered a, Bill Spence turned over in turn two on lap ten, throwing him from the car. The race was abandoned and voided after the fatal crash. On Monday, May 18, Bob Cortner passed his rookie test. The car slid to a stop in the grass near turn four.

Bill Denver and his riding mechanic Bob Hurst were killed on a warm-up lap in preparation for a qualifying run. Johnny Hannon was a rookie driver, making his first practice run. Metzler died on June 3, 1949, six days after his crash. Going into turn one, he went too low, and the left-front wheel got into the apron and the car started skidding. [1], "Father Regrets Building Refreshment Stand Where Flying Wheel Killed Boy", Indianapolis Star, June 1, 1931, 1972 Indianapolis 500 Press Information - '500' Daily Track Summary, 1973 Indianapolis 500 Daily Trackside Report for the Media, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network, "Auto tester is killed in speedway accident", "Injuries in trial spin fatal to race driver", "160,000 witness auto race; one driver killed in crash", "Youthful pilot averages over 100-mile speed", "First speedway tragedy of 1932 kills one in same car in which death rode last year", "Second death on speedway in trials for Memorial Day race", "Two auto racers killed on Indianapolis track", "Two auto race drivers and one mechanic die in speedway crashes", "Norristown auto racer killed at Indianapolis", "Hannon's 'death' car almost hits wall again", "Roberts sets record to win Indianapolis auto classic; spectator is killed", "Roberts, 1938 victor, dies in triple crash as Shaw takes Indianapolis race", "Mauri Rose wins 500-mile race; $25,800 check", "Mauri Rose wins big auto race; driver killed", "Even Ripley wouldn't believe this story. Rodee suffered a ruptured aorta and lapsed into a. 58 of the 73 fatalities occurred as part of the Indianapolis 500 (including the race, qualifying, and practice).
His left arm was torn off, both legs were broken and he was internally injured. Jones died on May 28, 1926, the day after his crash. Two spectators in the infield, Fred H. Linder, 36, of Indianapolis, and William C. Craig, 37, of, Tony Bettenhausen was testing a Stearly Motor Freight Special for his friend. As these deaths prove, that concern is absolutely reasonable. Paramedics immediately placed Lenz into a cervical collar, No races held in 1917–1918 or 1942–1945 due to, This page was last edited on 26 May 2020, at 01:34. During World War I, while the speedway was being used as a landing strip and a maintenance and refueling station for the 821st Aero Repair Squadron, at least one test pilot was fatally injured in a plane crash at the track. Gordon Eugene Smiley (April 20, 1946 – May 15, 1982) was an American race car driver who was killed in a single-car crash at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It hit the angled inside wall nearly head-on. Louis LeCocq's car turned over on lap 96, causing the, After making contact with the northwest retaining wall, Herbert Jones's car shot across the track to the inside, tumbled and came to a stop upside down with Jones trapped inside. There have been 21 non-driver deaths linked to the Indy 500 (13 at the race, 8 during practice or qualifying runs). He was inducted into the Nebraska Auto Racing Hall of Fame in 2000.... Forsythe Racing driver; died October 31, 1999. The chassis dug into the grass and flipped upside-down, slid a short distance and then flipped back over as it reached the pavement again and came to rest upright in the south chute. Though IndyCar racing, which is divided into three series, the IZOD IndyCar Series, Firestone Indy Lights and the U.S. F2000, is sanctioned, concerns remain over the safety of the drivers in the open-wheel cars.

On the 58th lap of the 250-mile race, Wilfred "William" Bourque glanced backwards momentarily at other cars on the frontstretch. Savage came to rest adjacent to the outer retaining wall, fully conscious and completely exposed while he lay in a pool of flaming methanol fuel. Tommy Kincaid went off the embankment at the southeast turn and was crushed to death by his machine. Gonzalo "Gonchi" Rodríguez Bongoll (January 22, 1971 – September 11, 1999), better known as Gonzalo Rodríguez, was an Uruguayan racing driver.... Fletcher Racing driver; died May 15, 1982. A fire truck, while maneuvering in the vicinity of, This page was last edited on 22 August 2020, at 08:26. In 2003, Mario Andretti, Kenny Bräck and Tony Renna were involved in a series of high-profile accidents which led to extreme changes to safety measures.

Auto racing drivers take their jobs seriously and unfortunately for these select drivers, nothing is more serious than death, as they experienced when fatal champ car accidents or Indy car crashes took their lives. Johnson's riding mechanic Ross Robinson was injured. Hitlich died on October 31, 1916, seventeen days after his crash.

Smashing into the retaining wall on the southwest turn, Manuel Ayulo sustained critical injuries. The engine and transaxle tumbled end-over-end to the pit lane entrance while Savage, still strapped in his seat, was thrown back across the circuit.

The following is a list of 73 individuals killed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway: 42 drivers, one motorcyclist, 13 riding mechanics, and 17 others including a pit crew member, track personnel, and spectators. It did a half-spin towards the grass near the inside of the south short chute. Horsman, who had not been officially entered in the event and did not observe the starter's flag indicating the end of the practice session.

Hickman died on August 1, 1982, the day after his crash. He began competing in CART with Forsythe Racing in 1996, finishing ninth in the drivers' championship and was second to Alex Zanardi in the Rookie of the Year standings. Savage died on July 2, 1973, thirty-three days after his crash. On pole day, Art Pollard was participating in the morning practice session.

The latter survived serious injuries while Martin was killed instantly. Both Kreis and his riding mechanic Bob Hahn were dead when the ambulance arrived. His riding mechanic Elmer Lombard, who was catapulted out of the car, was not seriously hurt. It flipped up into the concrete wall, and rolled over several times. Eddie Sachs hit MacDonald's car, and his car caught fire as well. The. Both Bourque and his riding mechanic Harry Holcomb were trapped under the car and suffered injuries to which they succumbed shortly thereafter. Sheffler died on June 28, 1949, nine days after his crash. A tire failure caused the car Albert Johnson was driving to roll over several times. A wheel then slipped, hit a rut, and the car flipped over in a ditch. In 2003, Mario Andretti, Kenny Bräck and Tony Renna were involved in a series of high-profile accidents which led to extreme changes to safety measures. Boyer died on September 2, 1924, the day after his crash. Les Spangler and his riding mechanic "Monk" Jordan were killed in a crash on the 132nd lap. A physician on the scene said Hepburn died instantly from a, After practicing all day, at 3:15 p.m., Chet Miller was clocked with a lap of 138.46 mph (222.83 km/h) in his Novi Special. James died on November 5, 1952, three days after his crash. Savage was taken to a hospital with critical injuries, but was in stable condition. O'Donnell died on November 26, 1920, the day after his crash. Gregory William Moore (April 22, 1975 – October 31, 1999) was a Canadian race car driver who competed in the Indy Lights and Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) from 1993 to 1999. Clay Weatherly was driving the same car in which. The car exploded and went back onto the track, into the path of oncoming traffic. Malloy was unconscious, suffering from burns to his hands and feet, he broke both arms and both legs, and also had head injuries. The following year, Moore claimed the first two victories of his career to... Arciero-Wells Racing driver; died July 14, 1996. Moore won the 1992 USAC FF2000 Western Division Championship and the 1995 Indy Lights Championship. The force of the impact, with the car carrying a full load of fuel, caused it to explode in a plume of flame.

On the 79th lap, Mark Billman in the Kemp-Mannix Special skidded on the southeast turn, hit the outside wall and finally came to rest with the car astride the wall. After a tire on the car Harry Martin was driving had blown out, the car crashed into the outside wall and overturned, pinning Martin and his riding mechanic Frank Agan under the wreckage.


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