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Zach, portrayed by Thomas Dekker, is a high school classmate of Claire Bennet and one of the first people to know of her powers. [36] When Nathan implies that Linderman does not have the situation under control, Thompson reassures him that Linderman does. Virginia Gray, portrayed by Ellen Greene, is Sylar's mother. After a heated battle on a train, he captures Meredith and asks her why she hates the Company. It is later revealed in the episode "1961" that he was working with Chandra Suresh at Coyote Sands, conducting research on posthumans for the government, Project Icarus. In "How To Stop An Exploding Man", Peter has a dream where he witnesses Charles discussing the explosion with his mother, seemingly shortly after Peter became his nurse. Jackie is eager to be the center of attention and takes credit for a fire rescue Claire performed in "Genesis." Chandra Suresh said she had a genetic abnormality. She discovered her power after saying "I wish you'd just die!" He is introduced in "Villains", being captured by Agent Thompson and Meredith Gordon as the latter's first assignment in the Company. Later, Matt, who went to find Sylar, calls Mohinder to warn him that Sylar may be on his way, though Molly, using her power, says "he's already here." Detective Bryan Fuller, portrayed by Barry Shabaka Henley, is Matt Parkman's partner in the NYPD. Before his death, Chandra kept a male lizard named Mohinder. West Rosen, portrayed by Nicholas D'Agosto, has the ability to fly. Anime, Light Novels, Manga He subsequently escapes Level 5 in "The Butterfly Effect" along with a dozen other prisoners, and joins a group of them in robbing a bank. He is credited as a guest star for the first four episodes of season two. Alice Shaw, played by Laura Marano in flashbacks and by Diana Scarwid in the present, is the estranged younger sister of Angela Petrelli, the aunt of Nathan Petrelli and Peter Petrelli, and the great-aunt of Claire Bennet. [37] He tells Claire that he helped her win the Homecoming Queen election by campaigning for her amongst the "unpopular" crowd. Brian Davis, portrayed by David Berman, is an evolved human who has the ability to move things by the use of his mind. Donna Dunlap was merely an everyday dental receptionist who happened to have telescopic, microscopic, and nocturnal vision. The goal of the program is to inject the marines with an experimental serum to aid in the apprehension of people with special abilities by granting them abilities themselves. Edgar initially agrees to work with Noah to stop Samuel, but after Noah shows little care for the other carnies, Edgar takes the information he gave Noah and takes off. Unknowing what she meant about the carnival, "they" shoot Tracy, also unaware that her abilities will allow her to survive and fight back. After Mohinder finds Sanjog, he explains to Mohinder that he does not enter the dreams of others, but that they instead come to him. On a taped telephone conversation from shortly before Chandra's death, however, he said he wanted nothing to do with Sylar, and insisted the man stop calling him. [26] He later tells Elle Bishop what he knows about Peter. Submission Guidelines . SPECIAL INTERESTS: MG, YA, adult, sci-fi, fantasy, speculative fiction, thriller, contemporary, literary, and LGBTQ*, FAVORITE BOOKS: The Ender saga by Orson Scott Card, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris, The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer,  I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson, The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater, and Vicious by V.E. Eli then returns to the Carnival and aids Edgar, Noah and Claire Bennet in exposing Samuel for what he really is, admitting to his murder of Lydia along the way. After Donna and Eric Thompson, identify Connie Logan as Evs Dropper, she is leads those sent to fight her. [24] She gets along with her brother, in comparison to his and their father's strained relationship, as evidenced by the way Kimiko's pleas and reasoning get much further than Kaito's authoritative tactics (up to and including kidnapping).


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