sentence of pathetic
pathetic attempts to justify misconduct. Visit to watch our FULL library of videos. There are a multitude of words to describe her behavior, one of them being pathetic. It is pathetic and yet inspiring to study the development of Presbyterianism in France; pathetic because it was in a time of fierce persecution that the French Protestants organized themselves into churches, and inspiring, because it showed the power which scriptural organization gave them to withstand incessant, unrelenting hostility. And what's with your pathetic vendetta against Wire readers? chequerood, helplessly, in the middle of the checkered floor looking pathetic. an affecting deathbed reunion touching implies arousing tenderness or compassion. Make sure your kid gets a better education than you seem to have, with your pathetic attempts at moral equivalence. It is amusing and pathetic to see Helen with her dolls. By 1948, the buildings had " become pathetic travesties of the original design ", as Walter Ison sadly noted. I've always been a big fan of the pathetic fallacy, unlike Ruskin, who coined the term. It had a flourishing school of painting in the 4th century, of which the most famous representation was Aristides, who excelled in pathetic subjects. Augustine's explanation of its fall passes in review not only the calamities of Roman history - combined with a pathetic perception of its greatness, - but carries the survey back to the origin of evil at the creation. Which of the following is a fruit named after a Moroccan seaport. There followed the pathetic interlude of the Children's Crusade in 1212. When terrified by the French Revolution he turned to the Inquisition to help him against the party which would have carried the reforming policy of Charles III. When they are a pathetic shambles compared to what they could be, I suffer. He 's passed away, the poor pathetic slob: so how about it - would you like the job? A brilliant and pathetic relic of the close of the medieval period exists in the Love Letters addressed in 1498 by Ingrid Persdotter, a nun of Vadstena, to the young knight Axel Nilsson. , 5. , 3. an impressive list of achievements poignant applies to what keenly or sharply affects one's sensitivities. She struck Archer, of a sudden, as a, The team was pretty bad last year, but this year they're downright, In fact, of course, Smiley is the finest secret agent in the world; his, The pile-on was fast and predictable and included a lot of famous and nearly famous people, each one more, Just two years ago, a hurricane in Puerto Rico killed at least as many people as died on 9/11, and our government’s response was, After reading a bunch of infuriating pro-Stormfront, anti-Homelander memes, Homelander goes to see Stormfront, who says that his constant need for love is. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. 1. adjective If you describe a person or animal as pathetic, you mean that they are sad and weak or helpless, and they make you feel very sorry for them....a pathetic little dog with a curly tail. The ceremony had been full of significance in 28 B.C., and now more than forty years later it was given a pathetic interest by Augustus himself. The pathetic song of "Lochaber no more" was written by Allan Ramsay. They do not represent the opinions of His disciple, the famous Pharisee 11vleir, remained his steadfast friend, and his efforts to reclaim his former master are among the most pathetic incidents in the Talmud. pathetic fallacy, unlike Ruskin, who coined the term. She will say yes, but I will be scared because it would be my first girlfriend and my first date (which is pathetic because I am 13). Nor is he less successful when recording pathetic events, for his stories of certain martyrdoms, and of the execution of Mary queen of Scots, are told with exquisite feeling and in language of well-restrained emotion. pathetic remnants of their herds with cloth over their noses to keep out the smell. This is truly pathetic, not to say hypocritical. 3. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby. The third and fourth volumes preserve the register of his deeds and words from 1870 to 1885; they contain, among other things memorable, the nobly reticent and pathetic tribute to the memory of the two sons, Charles (1826-1871) and Francois (1828-1873), he had lost since their common return from exile. said she, in a tone of pathetic inquiry, prepared to sympathize in any way. annals of literature afford nothing more beautiful, nothing more pathetic, than ' The Mother's Idol Broken. , 4. I hear what you are saying about feeling like you think you sound pathetic etc.. . The building had "become a pathetic travesty of the original design," as Walter Ison sadly noted. No one in this world, so far as I know and I have researched the records for years, and employed agents to help me has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. For various reasons, sales of DAB digital radios have been pathetic - especially compared to successful products like DVD! a moving appeal for contributions impressive implies compelling attention, admiration, wonder, or conviction. The subjects of Longfellow's poetry are, for the most part, aspects of nature as influencing human feeling, either directly or through historical association, the tender or pathetic sides and incidents of life, or heroic deeds preserved in legend or history. And finally the " they haven't visited argument " is frankly pathetic. He's passed away, the poor pathetic slob: so how about it - would you like the job? They made alliances with the strangers to aid them in their intestine wars, and the annalist writing in later years (Annals of Lough Ce) describes with pathetic brevity the change wrought in Ireland:" Earl Strongbow came into Erin with Dermod MacMurrough to avenge his expulsion by Roderick, son of Turlough O'Connor; and Dermod gave 1 The whole question is discussed by Mr J. 1. The unfinished poems, Dieu and La Fin de Satan, are full to overflowing of such magnificent work, such wise simplicity of noble thought, such heroic and pathetic imagination, such reverent and daring faith, as no other poet has ever cast into deathless words and set to deathless music. writhela is frequently naked, writhing around in a weak, pathetic state. After the overthrow of the Scottish accomplices in this notable project, Mary poured forth upon Elizabeth a torrent of pathetic and eloquent reproach for the many wrongs she had suffered at the hands of her hostess, and pledged her honour to the assurance that she now aspired to no kingdom but that of heaven. He seemed altogether so thin, small, and pathetic. 'All Intensive Purposes' or 'All Intents and Purposes'? Ovid (Herotides, 5) gives a pathetic description of Oenone's grief when she found herself deserted. He seemed so pathetic, an unconscious man tied to a radiator. And diving in World Cup games is utterly pathetic. 3 : pitifully inferior or inadequate the restaurant's pathetic service. 20. All this naked white human flesh, laughing and shrieking, floundered about in that dirty pool like carp stuffed into a watering can, and the suggestion of merriment in that floundering mass rendered it specially pathetic. a poignant documentary on the homeless affecting is close to moving but most often suggests pathos. For Godoy the king had an unaffected liking, and the lifelong favour he showed him is almost pathetic. Erik would not have been a sufficiently pathetic operatic tenor if his claim on Senta had been less complete. When woken this morning the pathetic creature opted for a lie-in. 4. Send us feedback. Do you find people principally pathetic or absurd, would you say? she snapped before she stormed away. Art Of The Furon movie: Santa Modesta side mission Blue Book : Saucer Blueprints movie: Rockwell side mission Evolution Of An Alien movie: Turnipseed Farm side mission Face of the Enemy: Area-42 Pathetic Humans! If the writers of the other two Gospels had no means at their disposal for enlarging the narrow framework of St Mark's narrative by recording definite visits to Jerusalem, at least they preserve to us words from the second document which seem to imply such visits: for how else are we to explain the pathetic complaint, " Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how often would I have gathered thee, as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings; but ye would not" ? Why You should stay away: His excuses for not showing up are getting more pathetic. naif act was somehow characteristic, and I scarcely know whether to think it amusing or pathetic. If it were not so unprincipled and shameful it would be laughable and pathetic. As queen of Prussia she commanded universal respect and affection, and nothing in Prussian history is more pathetic than the dignity and unflinching courage with which she bore the sufferings inflicted on her and her family during the war between Prussia and France. Wessel, who up to that time had only been known as the president of a club of wits, immediately wrote Love without Stockings (1772), in which a plot of the most abject triviality is worked out in strict accordance with the rules of French tragedy, and in most pompous and pathetic Alexandrines. "The storm has gone over me," he wrote in words which are well known, but which can hardly be repeated too often for any who have an ear for the cadences of noble and pathetic speech, - "The storm has gone over me, and I lie like one of those old oaks which the late hurricane has scattered about me. The small group of onlookers presented a pathetic sight. Those with living livestock hurried about tending the pathetic remnants of their herds with cloth over their noses to keep out the smell. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. His style too, modelled largely, in the present writer's opinion, on that of Gregory in the Dialogues, is limpid and unaffected. Not having your first date by the time you're 13 is NOT pathetic, at all. He found her, a crumpled and pathetic figure. Apparently, the dinosaurs let out a pathetic whimper before they became extinct. Build a city of skyscrapers—one synonym at a time. Here, let me do it. He said: " I think their music is pretty pathetic. When his state had passed the ordinance of secession he resigned his seat, and his speech on the 21st of January was a clear and able statement of the position taken by his state, and a most pathetic farewell to his associates. In the visitors ' room she tells him he looks pathetic dressing younger than his age. He derided my singing as pathetic. Of course there may be pathetic emotional excuses for the act. Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pathetic | Pathetic Sentence This was the most pathetic and horrible scene of all. Border traditions and folklore, and the picturesque, pathetic and stirring incidents of which the country was so often the scene, appealed strongly to James Hogg ("the Ettrick Shepherd"), John Wilson ("Christopher North"), and John Mackay Wilson (1804-1835), whose Tales of the Borders, published in 1835, long enjoyed popular favour. Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors.


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