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Some of Agnes Obel's most popular songs include 'Familiar,' which was featured in the The Grand Tour soundtrack, and 'Broken Sleep,' featured in the Dark soundtrack.

She smothers him with a pillow and jumps out the window. The final scene, where Becky wakes up in the morning and sees Rawdon Crawley riding on a horse to Sir Pitt Crawley's estate. Rue helps Jules; McKay and Cassie in bed; Maddy sleeps; Kat scrolls through Wes’ Instagram; Nate arrives home. Fabio smokes a cigarette with Ludovica's mother. Opening montage of Alison laying in bed with voiceovers of people asking her if she's okay.

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See the positions. Bridget & Juliet discuss Catherine, then Bridget tells her a story about the problems between her own parents. All rights reserved. Voice over actors: provide a link to your professional website containing your reel. "; "Live your life"; "Find a purpose, dear Uncle". Annalise drinks and reads the files from her past; Annalise goes to Bonnie's house to talk with Frank and Bonnie. Klaus finds Esther's tomb empty; Finn talks to Esther & Mikael about their family having to pay for their mistakes; Kol barricades himself in a room; Rebekah's message changes to the word 'Freya'. James speech and ride to the base; Capt.

Montage of past and present characters; End credits. Miles searches for Tristan in the rain, who talk then have a moment. The song played at the end of the episode. Submit ONCE per commercial, and allow 48 to 72 hours for your request to be processed. Agnes Obel Biography Agnes Caroline Thaarup Obel (born 28 October 1980) is a Danish singer, songwriter, and musician. It feels like the world has come to a halt, says IBM. Submissions should come only from the actors themselves, their parent/legal guardian or casting agency. Hanna and Clara drop off Kat at the airport. Montage of Under Five enjoying themselves on downtime; Molly takes inventory when Smurf comes in, he begins playing around then asks if she's alright. Audrey brings Noah a photo of him and Zoe; Noah decides to record his last podcast in Zoe’s honor; Audrey gets a text from the killer.

The Midnighters reunite; Manfred consoles a grieving Creek; Erin thanks Fiji for removing her scar. Drew, Imogen, and Jack go to rescue Becky in the rain, but can't find her. Sarah & Nick are in the hallway as he remembers. – at end of episode, (45:00) Archie is abandoned by his co-defendant. We see all the townspeople processing what’s happening as they take refuge in the church and at the mall. End montage (played throughout the last 4 minutes). Mary & Des try to run away, when Mary notices Troy struggling to breathe. Starts when Daniel and Emily kiss and continues through the montage at the end of the show. Marcus walks among the people. Creek, Lemuel and Joe arrive back into town; Lemuel gives to nod that Conner didn't survive as the three are embraced by their fellow townsmen and loved ones; Fiji walks Erin out to meet her mother. This music begins when Madeline and her daughter, Chloe start playing on the piano together. Analytics and insight reports about the TV advertising world, Pampers Swaddlers TV Spot, 'Love at First Touch', IBM TV Spot, 'IBM & COVID-19: Employees Today', IBM TV Spot, 'COVID-19: Look for Hope' Song by Agnes Obel, IBM TV Spot, 'COVID-19: Supply Chains Today'. Drew, Imogen, and Jack search for Becky in the storm. Song previews courtesy of Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify. "Sometimes your pawns can hold the key to victory"; "Should we cancel the coronation? Slow pull-away shot of P-Town. Roman watches as Cyper grows out of his father's body; Emery & Grayson part ways. Final song as Klaus finds Esther's tomb empty. Molly and Under Five enter into Forward Operating Base as she walks through she reads the graffiti on the walls then watches as everyone interacts with each other; Molly does into the medical tent. Please be aware that our site is best experienced with Ad Blockers turned off. Song plays as Troy's wife comes home. Montage of interrogations. 21 June 2020 - Montage of people sleeping; Aleksander oversees the nuclear waste barrels being encased in concrete.

The girls watch as Catherine gets ready to leave the castle. Junior, while cleaning the boat, finds Sherry's nail left behind from the night before. Bo comes home and finds out that Kenzi & Nate broke up.

Great pay, benefits, and culture.

Casey, Kat and Henry start praying.

End montage. Throughout episode during the flashbacks to Emily's childhood with Dr. Banks. As we close our doors and … Klaus's confession and confrontation with Camille about her relationship with Marcel; song plays through Elijah's killing of Marcel's vampire friend and his show of grief (ending song). When Drew, Imogen, and Jack try to find Becky in the greenhouse. Opening scene with Julia, Joel and Zoe waiting for Troy. Miranda watches Caleb and Hanna kiss as they say goodbye; Miranda meets past Caleb as she wallows. The music that plays while Gagnon is doing his stuff is actually Francoise Hardy's son again. (0:45) Montage, Young Noah emerges from the Church. Bo returns to the clinic, she tells Dyson & Lauren that Nyx is gone but Iris are both dead; Dyson tells Mark about Iris’s death then consoles him; Bo tells to Lauren that she doesn't want to loss her. We’re hiring! Some of Agnes Obel's most popular songs include 'Familiar,' which was featured in the, It's Happening Again (Instrumental) - Single. Angela/the demon slaps Father Tomas. IBM says although this isn't everything we can do, it's a start. After the lighting event, characters between past and present. Audrey drops by the hospital to tell him they found a lead while taking down his murder board, then gives him the strip of photos that Noah took with Zoe in the carnival photo booth. Eretria seduces Wil after telling him she was sent to steal the Elfstones.

Aria goes to Jenna's house to try to talk to her, but leaves after she sees her crying. Please consider disabling your Ad Blocker to ensure proper loading of all iSpot pages. Bash helps with the arrangement of the removal and burial of the castles dead; Francis & Lola with the baby return to the castle; Francis introduces Mary to his cousin, Louis of Conde. (Flashback) King Robert continues to teach Robert chess; Eleanor comforts Helena; Helena tells Eleanor to chase her dreams; Cyrus finds servants measuring his room; Robert puts Cyrus on notice.

IBM TV Commercial, 'COVID-19: Keep Going' Song by Agnes Obel It feels like the world has come to a halt, says IBM.

Also during Emily's flashbacks. (:55) Last song of the episode. The Correct Song Played during the death mourning scene of Rosa , when she is prepped for the funeral leading up to when the women in the village arrive to bless the dead and end the grief, Gagnon goes about his morning ritual?

1986 - Ines finds Mikkel gone from his hopsital room; montage of characters in 1986 and 2019. Bo tells Dyson and Lauren that Iris is dead; Bo laments to Lauren that one say she'll be gone. Madeline drives home, devastated that her daughter has chosen not to live with her. (0:48) At the hospital, Katharina leaves Ulrich; Claudia realizes Regina is dead. Camille returns home from the police station. TV marketing doesn't need to be in a silo. Be in the know of how your TV Ad is performing. Bash arranges to have the dead removed & buried; Francis & Lola return to the castle; Francis introduces Mary to his cousin, Louis of Conde. How is iSpot helping partners disrupt their industries? (0:36) Dead birds fall from the sky. Nev, Max & Tracie drive to try and meet with Sammie to confront her in person.

Chloe plays the piano; the funeral; the children playing on the beach as the moms look on; flashback of what happened that night with Perry. 0:45. Submissions without photos may not be accepted. Measure, optimize, and plan your TV against business outcomes.

Miles finds Tristan in the rain and comforts him. Overshoot of the school and city as the power goes down. Lexie tells Ricky what Julia said; Bailey confronts The Chief about the problems with Adele. Businesses are turning to the cloud to care for their customers and governments and developers are working with artificial intelligence to find new ways to help.

Molly goes home and says goodbye to her family then leaves; Molly's dad comes out his room just as she leaves; Molly reports to Brize Norton meets Corp. Kinder then joins 2 section into photo. Annalise explains Sam to Bonnie; Sam spreads lost baby's ashes; Gabriel at home. As we close our doors and keep our distance, the company realizes there is more work to do. James give speech to Under Five.

The latest thought leadership, blog posts, announcements and press mentions, Connect with at these industry events. Starts when Emily begins painting. Annalise tells Bonnie the reason Sam was so good with them was because he was like them and how she sees him for who he was; (Flashback) Sam spreas the ashes of his and Annalise's son at his parents gravesite; Gabriel thanks his mother for making him the person he is; Annalise goes to Teagan for a update. 252,800 songs76,800 artists100,900 episodes, movies and games, The Internet’s best source for music from TV and movies since 2005. Music by Agnes Obel has been featured in the People You May Know soundtrack and Hanna soundtrack. List of all the songs by AGNES OBEL, heard in movies and tv shows.


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