sweet charity ending explained

Someone else who saw it during its original release! Crazy Credits They hinted that a bluray release could be coming to a third party. Kino Lorber is continuing its "Shirley Maclaine on bluray" trend by releasing SWEET CHARITY on bluray on July 23, 2019! Just found this wonderful article -- I had much the same reaction to the film (at around the same age as you were) when I first saw it and returned several times to several *different* theaters through the year or so it continued to play (I even went to it as the second feature on a double bill with The Hospital in Seattle in 1971!).

(cont...) Sweet Charity is a fascinating musical because--on stage and on screen--I absolutely love it, I think it has a fantastic score, a funny book and brilliant choreography. I can't believe that a French company brought out a Blu-ray two years ago, but we're still waiting for one in the States. Monet's paintings were always blurry! Ive just watched sweet charity and was surprised with the happy ending.never new it existed.seems strange as ive only known the other ending.not sure how to take it. I remember searching out the Album, and a few months later gave a party-my first( for a group of amateur actors I was apart of) I "performed" the entire movie, interrupting the songs with my own narrative of the action( er yes I am gay!). I do think, as the atrocious recent revival proved, it simply doesn't work without Fosse's staging and choreography--Wayne Cilento is one of the best Fosse dancers, but I didn't envy him having to try to make his own Rich Man's Frug.The original stage production (at least as recreated for the 1980s revival which I've studied for several essays on the archive videotape,) also hints at how good a film director Fosse would be--with a sorta camera iris set that often closes up to zoom in on a particular scene or section just like the way he films his movies.Eric Henwood-Greer. Hou la la! (The Digital Bits recently did a great piece about the troubles roadshow release of Charity http://www.thedigitalbits.com/columns/history-legacy--showmanship/sweet-charity-roadshow-engagements ).

. In fact, they've been bringing out a run of MacLaine's earlier 1960s work.

I still have my Charity VHS and the scene remains, but I can't say I ever "missed" it ...that whole section not being one of my favorites.Once again, thanks for visiting the site so often and taking the time to add your thoughts and knowledge of film and theater! After Oscar leaves Charity, he starts to go crazy in his apartment. Je suis heureux que vous appréciez "Sweet Charity" aussi. Thanks for this, a very fun and informative read! Rob, the film-school dropout, has seen an absurd amount of movies, and if we’re being honest, rounds out our Fight Club fan-base. |

Charity lies, saying she works for First National City, Williamsburg Branch. Although I haven't seen the TV show in years, to this day I still listen to the album (I regularly play "Capped Teeth & Caesar Salad" in my dance classes) but never once thought of the similarities it shares with "Sweet Charity."

I was surprised you didn't mention that other Broadway legend who was largely ignored for films and Fosse DID cast--CHita Rivera in one of her only major film roles (she had previously played Charity in the national tour.) I'm overdue for IRMA LA DOUCE and TWO FOR THE SEESAW.Thank you for reading my post and commenting. On its release to what were then called "neighborhood theatres" (i.e., theatres that showed films that had ended their first runs), the film's running time was shortened by trimming or eliminating several scenes. It's thrilling to see her in Something Better than This especially. Just finished watching the French bluray release of SWEET CHARITY.

Perhaps you've heard by now -- Kino Lorber is finally bringing it out on domestic Blu-ray with both endings, supposedly culled from a new 4K scan.

And not just the usual suspects, either, although they are abundant. Her buttoned-down lover stayed true to form though; he was afraid of the tackiness and the smell of desperation. Jeremy Kinser. As they part, Oscar kisses her hand, and dubs her Sweet Charity ("Sweet Charity"). I remember at the time the UK film magazine "Films & Filming" did actually chose Shirley as the year's best female performance.


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