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Vanessa and Red continue to feel tension from Emily (, Marti is shocked to find out that Julian has a daughter and is finalizing a divorce with his soon-to-be ex-wife, and she asks him to help out Savannah's father in prison. Hellcats has been described as "Election meets Bring It On" by critics.

Alice seeks Lewis' help for the bid video, but ends up getting more than Lewis bargained for. [23] Former Fame actress and choreographer Debbie Allen directed the episode "Pledging My Love".

[41] In late November 2010, AJ Michalka was cast in a recurring role as a girl who works at a record store near Lancer University and befriends Marti. There she meets her new roommate and team captain Savannah Monroe, the injured flyer Alice Verdura, her new partner Lewis Flynn and the Hellcats coach Vanessa Lodge who hopes to win nationals, otherwise the cheer leading program will be cut. Savannah leaves to take care of her sister though her sister does not welcome her pleasantly and her mother ignores her presence. They compete by doing a routine in front of the band, which gave both teams permission to use the song, where the best routine claims the song for nationals. [1][36] Elena Esovolva was cast as Patty "The Wedge" Wedgerman, a lesbian cheerleader and a base for the squad. [53], Hellcats aired on Wednesdays at 9–10 pm until December 1, 2010, when the eleventh episode aired. The three are sent to jail, however, the football-fan sheriff lets the quarterback go. Songs covered for the series include "The Letter"[47] originally by The Box Tops, Sting's "Brand New Day",[48] Squeeze's "Tempted" and The Go-Go's hit "We Got the Beat". Wanda continues to deny Marti information about her father, stating that he was simply a bad man. Meanwhile, Lewis and Marti start dating, and Marti wants to keep it a secret from everyone until they find out what's really going on between them.

Marti then changes her mind and decides to go out with Lewis, and things get even more complicated when he has second thoughts. [4], While presenting its 2010–11 season schedule on May 21, 2010, The CW officially confirmed the pick up of the series and announced its intention to air Hellcats after America's Next Top Model on Wednesday nights.

Savannah finds out the father of Charlotte's baby is her ex-boyfriend, Noah. She eventually makes it by becoming friends with Savannah Monroe, the head cheerleader. Alice feels guilty about convincing Jake to confess and refuses to visit him in jail. He also said that there was a possibility of a reboot of the series with a new cast and cameos from the previous cast if enough fans continue to watch the original series on CW Seed.
[23] Michalka added that Harold would appear in the third episode of the first season and had a multiple-episode arc. I think there's a lot of struggle for all of our characters, especially our lead and her journey and her finding her identity and what she's going to do with her life.

Lewis asks Marti out, but she rejects him. [34][35] On April 8, 2010, it was reported that actress Sharon Leal was cast as Vanessa Lodge, a former Hellcat star who now serves as the squad's coach. Meanwhile, a desperate Marti calls Dan who once again says he can't help her.
The episode ends with a kiss between Dan and Savannah. Alice gets a surprise visit from her father (, The Hellcats shoot a sexy calendar for a fundraiser and throw a party with. All the while, Marti also has to deal with her financially unstable and sometimes irresponsible mother, Wanda Perkins, whom she often has to bail out of difficult situations, and her best friend Dan Patch. ABC News listed Hellcats as one of the ten best new shows of 2010's fall season and described the series as "almost laughably formulaic" and added it "works like a charm". Wanda shows up, though Marti initially begins to kick her out, she realizes her mom only attends because she is proud of her, and decides to let Wanda stay.

Dan comes back for his brother's wedding, where Marti and Savannah both compete for the affections of Dan. [25] The filming of the next episodes of the first season began on July 14 in Vancouver. Vanessa is frustrated about Derrick's work schedule and has a talk with Red, which stirs old feelings but in the end Derrick proposes in a very special way and she accepts. Later, police arrest Savannah's dad on account of firewire and fraud, using the excuse of him writing a big check to Savannah.

Savannah decides to have a romantic evening with Dan, but the night doesn't end as well as she planned and Marti has conflicting feelings about Savannah and Dan's relationship moving forward. [94] Ratings fell rapidly as the series progressed, with the nineteenth episode, "Before I Was Caught", hitting a series low, with less than a million viewers watching it on April 27, 2011. [3][4][5] Initially with a 13-episode order, The CW aired the series after America's Next Top Model on Wednesday nights. Savannah confides in Marti about her uptight Christian parents disowning her because of her choice in transferring from Memphis Christian to the secular Lancer University; Marti confides in Savannah that in the past her mother's presence has also tensed her up, and made her lose her concentration (the reason she failed in a past gymnastics competition). Dan's father reminds him that Marti is not a good match for him as they are both "trainwrecks" but Savannah encourages Dan to be a better person and more mature. [38] Raymond's role was later given to Jeff Hephner. [81] It was praised and criticized by critics in several round-up reviews of 2010 in television. [87] [21], During the 2010 Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles on July 29, 2010, producer Murphy said the series "was inspired by aspirational sports movies of the 1980s like Breaking Away, Vision Quest, and Pittsburgh-set Flashdance", and also added that "Hellcats is a show either for optimists or for people who are interested in learning the trade". Meanwhile, Marti hopes to investigate Julian's case even further, concerning an inmate serving a life sentence for a crime he may not have committed.


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