weatherzone app not working

The WeatherZone+ app is no longer in the app store and this new app offers subscription based pricing to remove adds ($1.99 per year) or go to the Pro version ($5.99 per month.). Help.

Scroll screen down and all the same info is there in a better format.

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It also has Radar feature in which you can see the storm intensity. Before you head out for work, you see that the sun is shining bright.

windows store also briefly opens and then closes like the weather app in 3 different pc's. I tried to set it up but couldn't get it to work....instead of showing the temp it displayed a long formula .....will have another look.

i have a Trust TB-4200 Scroll Tablet plugged into my Pc via USB, i found no Trust drivers so instead just un plugged the Tablet from the USB on my Pc, no restart needed, just tried the weather app and it worked perfectly

The WeatherZone+ app is no longer in the app store.

Which is pretty good! The US bias is wrong as everybody in the world who wants coordinated time runs off UTC (and before that GMT.

Radar wouldn’t load in pocket weather either. Use our mobile app – Our free iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps can get you into session right away, whether you're on the go or at your desk. So, if you’re having trouble using the Weather app, you can try running the troubleshooter specifically designed for Windows programs. It appears that there are still issues with this app. Simple.

You can also subscribe to email or SMS notifications. How do I view warnings? You are right: you can only disable the "Intro Panel" if you have one of the subscriptions. Shows storm track, effected areas etc. Android app whilst appearing to update has red error banner saying unable to download data etc.

I guess it hasn't copped full-face advert then? However, the watch app doesnt ever seem to work, and I wonder if its something to do with that.

Step 1: Open Apple Watch app > My Watch > Weather > Default City.

To do that, just follow the instructions below: If you’ve tried our solutions and it’s taking a while for the Weather app to start, it is possible that there are speed-reducing issues on your computer. I keep getting the following error message when I open the app "ERROR Unable to download weather data".

Open app, tap, voila: I could see the thing that I refer to most often and exactly how I want it. Thankfully, this is not something you have to endure for the rest of your life. Open Microsoft Store, then click the three-dotted button at the top-right corner of the window.

Thanks, Appears to be back online now. How to remove the ‘This video is taking longer than expected to load’ error message?

Mobile Data not working.

Problems here also in WA.

The complication which is in the bottom left has bold text NOW and below it in light grey, the temp.

Also, the Watch app didn't install.

I have to disagree, especially on the "Amazingly accurate" part.I used this app to monitor my personal weather station (which uploads data to Weather Underground) but found that the temperature and pressure graphs don't display data for the current day until the US servers tick over to the same 'date'.I wrote to them about this bug and found that it is a long standing one but they have no intention to fix it (in my opinion showing an unnecessary US-based bias).Susan.

XC0422 from Jaycar, which is a HP1000 /WS1001 clone.Susan. Hence why I asked the question.

The software that caused the bug happened to be a graphics tablet driver from Adesso Inc. It has always been a paid for feature for the state radar lightning tracker. Maybe someone can advise why such a high monthly subscription for the Weatherzone Pro version subscription. Just out of interest I installed and it's the same as the old app for me in that the GPS is haywire. The website is showing out of date information?

I also have BOM on board, for more general forecasting etc. If you have any ideas on fixing iPhone Weather not working issues or other iOS update problems, please share with us by leaving a comment.

The date/time stamp of my data record is converted to UTC.


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