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Her book, The Yellow Rose of Texas: Her Saga and Her Song (1976), was the first full-length work focused on both the song and Emily’s story. The Texas Federation of Republican Women AMERICANISM AWARD. The Yellow Rose of Texas is the highest award presented to women in Texas. A beautiful, young mulatto — a person of mixed white and black ancestry — slave woman, Emily West, who had been sent into the Mexican camp by General Sam Houston on a mission to distract the Mexican president. Shuffler and Lomax related these thoughts to Shuffler’s close friend Frank X. Tolbert, a Texas history columnist for the Dallas Morning News. The Yellow Rose of Texas is the highest award presented to women in Texas. Politicians in the 1950s and 1960s were quick to seize on the wide popularity of “The Yellow Rose of Texas” and its iconic association with the yellow rose flower. (New York: Longmans, Green, 1955). The process includes submitting the nomination with the individual’s biographical information to the State Representative who then sends it on to the Governor. All of these are exhibited through her involvement in the community with her bid in 2014 and 2016 for Harris County Republican Party Precinct Chair 529 and Donnie's 1,000+ mile journey in January 2016 to Des Moines, Iowa to participate in the Texas Republican Strikeforce in support of Senator Ted Cruz's Presidential campaign. Subscribe Here,,,, Why Argentina Declared War on the Axis in 1945, Margarete Steiff and Her Famous Teddy Bear. [Chorus], SOURCE: Auner, J.H. In the late 1950s R. Henderson Shuffler, head of the Texas A&M office of information and publication and subsequently the first director of the Institute of Texan Cultures, was bothered that this “unsung” heroine of Texas was not better-known or appreciated. Published by the Texas State Historical Association. Lyndon Johnson’s whistle-stop train tour through the South during his 1960 vice presidential campaign featured the song as the train arrived at and departed from each stop. No sources have surfaced to date to indicate Brown’s relationship with the composer or why the song was composed for him. When Rock Hudson started a fist fight at the diner called Sarge’s Place in the movie Giant (1956), the melody of the song was playing in the background. Macon Daily Telegraph (Macon, Georgia), August 18, 1862. / [2] The Yellow Rose of Texas was often performed by blackface minstrel groups, which were a popular form of entertainment during the nineteenth century featuring white performers with makeup portraying caricatures of blacks in comic acts, dances, and songs. Mark Camann (2010) contended that Edwin Christy himself may have been involved in publishing the song sheet. 2013 National Republican Women Convention Awards, National Federation Achievement Award -Gold. Nevertheless, during a group performance on the showboat, Rogers and Dale Evans sang a duet of the namesake song with modern lyrics as part of the musical score. The Battle of the Alamo (February 23-March 6, 1836) is considered by many historians to be the turning point in Texas’s fight for independence from Mexico. The Yellow Rose will receive the Silver Award for their performance in 2010-2011. The song gained in popularity during the American Civil War when a version referencing General Lee and Hood’s Texas Brigade was composed. The identity of “J.K.” has confounded musical historians for more than six decades. All of these early song sheets indicated that they were engraved by “Quidor,” who was likely George W. Quidor, a song sheet engraver who lived in New York City. Tolbert’s claim that “one set of original lyrics” names the girl in the song “Emily, the Maid of Morgan’s Point” is baffling. Gould was an accomplished music composer, teacher, and performer who came to the United States from England in 1848 and became a featured performer at the Christy’s Minstrels show the following year. The plaintive courtship-themed 1853 lyrics of "The Yellow Rose of Texas" fit the minstrel genre by depicting an African-American singer, who refers to himself as a "darkey," longing to return to "a yellow girl," a term used to describe a mulatto, or mixed-race female born of African-American and white progenitors. Please use the following steps to request a ceremonial item from the Office of the Governor: Visit the Governor’s Office Contact page online. Johnson, and Henry J. Wehman. Musician David W. Guion copyrighted two versions of the song in 1936, both with sanitized lyrics, including a cowboy tune in “high voice” and an orchestra arrangement written in honor of the Texas Centennial and dedicated to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. One of the enduring legends of the Texas Revolution is that of the “Yellow Rose of Texas” and her role in the defeat of Santa Anna’s forces at San Jacinto. In 1862 an English woman, who called herself “Elfie B.,” wrote that the song “has the merit of being sweet and dignified.” She remarked it “is the very prettiest melody of the class we ever heard. In the 1860s, when minstrel shows became popular in England, Boosey & Sons, of London, published “The Yellow Rose of Texas” as one of sixty songs in Boosey’s Musical Cabinet, The Christy’s Minstrels Song Book (Second Volume). “The Yellow Rose of Texas” was sung occasionally at patriotic and public gatherings prior to 1930, but its popularity was revived as a cowboy tune in 1933 when Gene Autry and Jimmie Long gave the song wider acceptance and appeal by revising the lyrics. they come! Richard B. Harwell, Confederate Music (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1950). Nick Manoloff arranged a version of the song in 1935 with ukulele chords, guitar chords, and a “special Hawaiian chorus.” His song was published by the Calumet Music Co. and performed by Bradley Kincaid and by the duo Bob Atcher and Laura Applegate (known as Bonnie Blue Eyes). As one of the Yellow Rose founding members she has strived since day one to ensure the Yellow Rose meets every requirement to receive awards for the Club. The process includes submitting the nomination with the individual’s biographical information to the State Representative who then sends it on to the Governor. James Michener, Texas (New York: Fawcett, 1987). During siesta time on April 21, 1836, the Texas army led a charge against the Mexican camp. Elvis Presley included a rock-and-roll arrangement in the movie Viva Las Vegas (1964). [1] The first mention of Bollaert’s journal entry on Emily Morgan is actually by Joe Frantz in his 1948 PhD thesis at the University of Texas and again in his 1951 book Gail Borden: Dairyman to a Nation, (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1951). / The following, adapted from the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition, is the preferred citation for this entry. Those lyrics do not mention “Emily,” James Morgan, Morgan’s Point, Santa Anna, the battle of San Jacinto, or any incidents relating to the Texas Revolution. Jeffrey D. Dunn and James Lutzweiler, Becky spends countless hours working for the Yellow Rose of Texas Republican Women. The Honorary Yellow Rose of Texas is a coveted award given only through the Office of the Governor of Texas, recognizing Texas women who have gone beyond measure in their communities and workplace. they come! Women's Club, P.O. The connection between the song and the story of Emily West was probably largely due to the publication of Bollaert’s diary at around the same time as the release of the Mitch Miller version of the song. The bearer of this — Emily D. West has been since my first acquaintance with her, in April of — 36 a free woman — she Emigrated to this Country with Col. Jas Morgan from the state of N. York in september of 35 and is now anxious to return and wishes a passport — I believe myself, that she is entitled to one and has requested me to give her this note to you. In the first stanza, J. K. refers to a “yellow rose in Texas” instead of a “yellow girl in Texas.” The 1853 chorus “She’s the sweetest girl of colour that this darkey ever knew” was changed to “She’s the sweetest rose of color this darkey ever knew.” The last stanza in the 1858 version states “we’ll sing the songs of yore” in place of “we’ll sing our sorrows o’er.” The complete lyrics from the 1858 song sheet are as follows: Chorus: She’s the sweetest rose of color this darkey ever knew,Her eyes are bright as diamonds, they sparkle like the dew,You may talk about your Dearest May, and sing of Rosa Lee,But the Yellow Rose of Texas beats the belles of Tennessee. She was recognized during the culmination of Thursday night’s 103rd Annual Awards Banquet, presented by the Chamber of Commerce. In 2011 Yale Divinity School Library archivist Joan Duffy uncovered material indicating that the song’s composer might have been John Kelly, a famous minstrel banjoist, comedian, and composer who took the stage name “J. Emily and a number of other servants and residents of Morgan’s Point were apprehended and forced to accompany Santa Anna’s army when it departed a few days later. They Come!’ She delayed Santana so long that order could not be restored readily again.” While the loss of the battle is officially attributed to the overall carelessness of General Santa Anna, the folk legend of Emily Morgan’s role in the battle began to grow, with portrayals of Emily ranging from a sweet young girl who distracted the general with a simple dance to a cunning and clever vixen who drugged the Mexican army’s leader as he slept. Bollaert stated in his journal that the Emily in Santa Anna’s camp was a “mullato girl belonging to Colonel Morgan.” A search by historians revealed that Emily was in fact a free woman from New York named Emily D. West who had traveled to Texas under an indentured servant contract with James Morgan. The popular legend goes that one of the reasons that the Texans were able to overrun the Mexican camp so easily was that Santa Anna was otherwise occupied at the moment of attack. This assertion implies a closer-in-time cause-and-effect connection between Emily and the song, but she cited no documents to substantiate her theory. In 2011, she was named the Commerce, Texas Citizen of the Year. For example, a short history of the song published in the first edition of The Handbook of Texas Music and copied into The Handbook of Texas Online (as of 2011) assumed the historical connection as unquestioned fact. No.1 (Philadelphia: Fisher & Brother, 1851). The published works of Shuffler, Tolbert, and Turner thus completely changed the meaning and origins of “The Yellow Rose of Texas” and laid the foundation for one of the most enduring and sensational inaccuracies of Texas history. These were “The Virginia Rose-Bud,” “The Rose of Alabama,” and “The Rose of Baltimore.” As such, the original lyrics of “The Yellow Rose of Texas” indicate that the song can best be understood in the context of its fictional minstrelsy genre and not for any incident authentically associated with the state of Texas. Jeff Dunn, “One More Piece of the Puzzle: Emily West in Special Collections,” The Compass Rose, Vol., XIX, No.1 (Spring 2005). I am deeply humbled, and thankful to Representative Flynn for this unexpected honor,” said Jones. KETR spoke with Flynn, who described the motivation behind his letter. Not much is known about Emily Morgan's life after the end of the Texas Revolution; after several disputes over her status as a “free black”—her papers confirming this were lost when she was captured by the Mexicans—it is believed she returned to her home state of New York.


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